The Surf Report Trailer

My short film, The Surf Report was an official 2016 selection of the New Orleans Film Festival, The Baltimore International Black Film Festival, The Seattle Queer Film Festival, Massimadi Festival in Montreal, The East End Film Festival in London, Green Mountain Film Festival, and Queer Kampala, Uganda's historic first LGBT film festival. Find out more at

The Future Is Bright Trailer

Trailer for short film that I directed and co-edited that premiered at RiverRun International Film Festival and was an official selection of New Orleans, Marfa, Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard, Tacoma, Citizen Jane, Cucalorus, Sidewalk, and the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture Film Festival among others this festival season.

The film focuses on Karen, a newscaster preparing her segment the night before a deadly clash between Communist union organizers and the Ku Klux Klan at a rally in Greensboro, NC in 1979. I have also written a feature script that expands the story to explore the worlds of the union organizers, the violent white supremacists, and the newsroom that follows the case from its bloody beginning to its unsettling conclusion.

Ava Luna "Genesee"

I have been so fortunate to get to collaborate with Brooklyn's Ava Luna to produce, edit, and direct segments of music videos for their incredible music. This video was shot in the singer's grandmother's house - you can't art direct this! 

Ava Luna "Ice Level"

Another video with Brooklyn's Ava Luna. I edited and co-directed. David Lynch party time.

From Infirmity to Firmness

I edited this short film for director Stephanie Wang-Breal following an inspiring group of yoga students living with HIV.

The Year To Be Hated Mood Reel

This is a mood reel steal-o-matic I created for a longer feature film written by Tate Nova about Rockaway surfers facing a supernatural threat in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The Surf Report was produced as a proof of concept for this longer film that I hope to direct in the future. No rights implied to reference footage used.

God's Love We Deliver Fundraiser

For several years, I have partnered with New York's "God's Love We Deliver" to create a short film to show at their annual fundraiser. I still like this first one best, voiced by the much-missed Natasha Richardson.

Tough Love Trailer

I also collaborated with Stephanie Wang-Breal to create a compelling trailer for her documentary on two parents working to get custody of their children after losing them to child protective services. 

Lights "Fire Night"

I produced and edited this video by director Lauryn Siegel. Witches, oil projections, and magic!