Orbitz & RuPaul's Drag Race

As a senior producer, director, and editor for Logo, I created hundreds of promos, commercials, on-air specials, and social media spots to build the brand from launch. For this spot, our client Orbitz wanted to connect their brand to "RuPaul's Drag Race" in a campy, eye-catching spot that appealed to the show's devoted audience.

BGSS "Kate McKinnon Tease"

It was a joy to get to direct Kate McKinnon in one of her first TV promos, long before SNL or Ghostbusters. Still one of the funniest actors I've ever worked with.

Absolut + RuPaul's Drag Race

I wrote, produced, and directed this on-air :60 for Absolut, working with the brand from pitch to post to celebrate their 30-year history in a most unusual way. Five drag queens, five eras, one outrageous spot.

Eden's World Upfront Launch

I created sizzle reels and superteases to bring new advertisers and viewers to the network. I directed this talent shoot to seamlessly blend with show footage to introduce a new show at Logo's Upfront. 

Gilead Sciences "Red Ribbon Runway"

I produced and directed many pro-social spots in partnership with Gilead, Merck, The Red Cross, and other organizations to urge Logo's viewers to take action on social issues.

Miller Lite "Tongue Tied"

Miller Lite was an interesting partner for to create branded content with. I produced and directed a series of spots tying to the brand to Logo's dating show, "Setup Squad", playing with Miller Lite's hyper-masculine brand within an LGBT context.

Levi's "Logo Leaders"

I directed this GLAAD and Creativity International Award-winning on-air series chronicling Levi's rich history of support for the LGBT community by blending the voices of real employees with Levi's "Go Forth" campaign.

Levi's "Gay History Is:"

Archival spots highlighting the heroes of LGBT history expanded the campaign.

Ru Paul's Drag U

As the network expanded the RPDR franchise into a spinoff makeover show, I directed a series of fun spots mixing live-action drag queens and animation to launch a new season.

Expedia + TripOut

If you need advice for a trip, who better to ask than someone who travels for a living? I produced and directed profiles of travel writers for Expedia, helping position their brand as the most trusted expert for booking online.

Shirts and Skins "Show Tease"

With very limited budgets at a fledgling network, I created on-air promos for shows that used existing images, show and archival footage, and creative editing to hype new series.

Image Spot "Queer as Folk"

This series of spots created from Getty Footage cost $0 but built the brand in a fun and clever way. 

Image Spot "Fearce"

Another spot created from stock footage to build brand identity.

Shining Through: Behind the Scenes at the True Colors Tour

I co-produced, directed, and edited a 30 minute on-air special following Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Harry, Erasure, and the Dresden Dolls as they prepare for a fundraising show for LGBT rights. I was thrilled to work with our host Margaret Cho, a longtime idol of mine.

Big Straight Sketch Show

One of my first projects for Logo was editing a half hour on-air special for The Big Gay Sketch show. Although the SD quality is a little shocking at this point, it's exciting to remember the freedom and fun content that budget constraints at a fledgling network could produce!