Geico + NNN "Airport"

Fifteen minutes may not seem like much time, but it may be more than you think... I wrote and directed this on-air campaign for Geico, tying the brand to's coverage of film, fashion, music, and travel.  

Time Traveling Bong "Behind the Bong - Meet Jeff & Sharee"

I work

Dance Central + Thanksgifting

Logo took to the streets to catch fan's reactions to the launch of Dance Central for Kinect. I love working in the video game space, tweaking it for an unexpected LGBT audience.

Sex and the City 2 Promotion "Fantasy Vacation"
Logo Docs - Wrangler

These spots are just a few of the many film teases I wrote, produced, and edited for Logo.

Logo Docs - Bear Nation
Miller Lite + Setup Squad "Red Hot Lover"

I wrote and directed this series of spots tying Miller Lite's "Man Up" to the 
dating show, Setup Squad. I played with the macho aspects of the brand
by creating "instant-replay" commentary for unexpected dating disasters.

Red Cross Tsunami Relief
NNA Red Carpet Countdown Hit 4

I never thought I'd see NKOTB and so many drag queens together on one carpet.

NewNowNext Upfront

I wrote and produced this sizzle highlighting NewNowNext: Music for advertisers during upfront season. I also co-produced and directed the show on-air for two years and helped create flexible brand that would guide Logo's creative direction across several years.

PopLab Tune-in

NewNowNext: Music was split off into PopLab, another low-cost, high-value franchise for Logo. I produced, directed, and edited content for the show highlighting music, movies, fashion, and events in pop culture.

Logo Image Spot "NewNowNext: Music"

One of my favorite image spots I ever cut for Logo's music video and interview show.

NNN Promo

I couldn't resist including the first promo I ever produced and directed for Logo. On a budget of $25 (for renting the overhead projector) I put together the first image spots for the show. I also make the first of many appearances in Logo's on-air promos and interstitial content.

Big Gay Sketch Show Teases "Stephen"
Setup Squad Episodic
Beautiful People S2 Launch Spot
Geico + NNN "Shopping"
Cisco Valet + Poplab