Keanu Audition Tape

I am currently the Creative Director of Comedy Central's Multiplatform Video department. I lead a team of eight producers, directors, and editors to create content for Comedy Central series on many, many platforms (ask me about Snapchat Discover! Instagram! Periscope!). In this digital spot, Key + Peele + CATS = internet gold. Getting to direct 12 cats in one day fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Snapchat Edition

My department creates original content for Comedy Central's Snapchat Discover channel. In the past year, Snapchat has been a top priority for the network, with views frequently topping 1M on our editions. My department works on every facet of production, from ideating to producing, directing, and editing, depending on the project. Feel free to browse around this 15 minute reel of "topsnaps" which act as a sort of preview to content that the viewer then swipes up to engage with. 

Hack Into Broad City "Inauguration Day"

At Comedy Central, my team creates bridge content that keeps audiences salivating for the next season of their favorite shows. We produced and edited the show with a freelance director. It was a joy to work with the team from Broad City to create a series of "Hacks" that captured the moment we find ourselves in.

The Daily Show "Correspondents Explain"

I was nominated for an Emmy for this series of web spots my team created where TDS Correspondents explain The Constitution.

Comics To Watch

We produce low cost high value standup content in-house of the hottest up and coming comics in their first appearances on the network. We produce these pieces from shoot to post.

Time Traveling Bong "After the Smoke Clears - Joe Jackson"

My team creates "shoulder content" as companion pieces to on-air shows that give the supporting characters in a show a chance to shine. Here, Joe Jackson reflects on his plans for Jeff & Sharee.

New Timers "Outlet"

I have produced several original web series for the network, with all the shenanigans they entail. I'm particularly proud of the first season of New Timers, a post-apocalyptic comedy by Matt Porter & Charlie Hankin.

Time Traveling Bong "Behind the Bong"

My team produces, shoots, and edits behind the scenes packages to hype CC series. For "Time Traveling Bong", we wanted to introduce viewers to actors they love from "Broad City" in a new light. 

Not Safe Emmy Nomination tape

While they aren't the most glamorous work, sizzle reels are necessary for the workings of a network, from promoting shows to advertisers to submitting to awards. I'm a seasoned sizzle producer and oversee their production within my department.

Abbi and Ilana in "Rise of the Tomb Raider"

Broad City + video games!? My team tapped into an on-air branded content shoot to produce economical multiplatform content that increased the client's spend on our brand.